"Let's build a butter world."

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butter is a cannabis lifestyle brand, founded & rooted in Michigan. Our focus is to make high quality products for all and in doing so, better society. The plant has the power to help us become better individuals and with a proper understanding, all consumers should realize their desired effects of cannabis products. At butter, we believe people and plants are better together.

There's a butter way of life.

butter Cannabis Products = Exceptionalism

butter Glass Jar

5g Glass Jar: butter is happy to bring the Michigan market its carefully curated flower in recycled square glass jars, mindfully manufactured to produce zero waste. The large square opening allows us to fit the largest butter buds, and both the jars and lids are recyclable and reusable. The lids are produced with a bi-injection molding process that produces no waste compared to generic circular seals, which typically waste 32% of materials. This process also keeps the cannabis fresh. Containers are CR-certified, senior-friendly, and inclusive to consumers with dexterity limitations with its pinch lid technology.


butter Bag

2.5g Bag: butter is now bringing to the market our same quality hand-trimmed buds in a pint-size package. Our 2.5
gram bags are perfect for when you are on the go or want to try one of our strains before purchasing one of our signature 5 gram jars. These unique pouches are soft-touch, reusable, and are built with a resealable, child-resistant zipper, ensuring both convenience and safety. Once again, we’ve prioritized sustainability by utilizing 100% plastic-free plant-based materials for the outer layer.


butter Pre-Roll Multipack

10 .5g Pre-Roll Multipack: Our butter multi-pack combines convenience with style. Fitting comfortably in your palm or pocket, our tins measure 2″x3″ with the thickness of a Bic. The top of the tin has a custom insert that allows the tin to seal tightly on the double-walled bottom, allowing for extended freshness. Our multipack tins are made with full flower cannabis and are great for concerts, adventure, or social hangs. Smoke at your own pace or pass them out to your friends. Reusable, Recyclable, Collectable…. Spread the love.


butter Pre-Roll

1g Pre-Roll: butter one gram pre-rolls are rolled with full flower cannabis. Our pre-rolls come in premium biodegradable tubes that are made in America. Both the tube and label are made out of the same material, which allows them to be fully recycled. After only 268 days of compost, these tubes degrade up to 90%. Let’s build a butter world.


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