"We cut buds, not corners."

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An old-school approach to cannabis cultivation: Glorious was started in response to mass market products that cut corners to make a quick buck. Glorious brings hard work, patience, and pride back to cultivation: Higher Standards. Better Weed.

Simpler Daze by Glorious Cannabis — Regular Weed for Chill People.
Glorious Cannabis

Glorious — A Proven Recipe for Growing Consistently Good Cannabis

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Pre-Rolls: At Glorious, we specialize in full-flower infused pre-rolls. That’s all we do. Always infused and never any trim or shake. Starting with fire buds from unique strains, we hand roll our joints and infuse them with premium distillate, hash, kief, or rosin. Stay tuned; we’re constantly dropping unique joints like our Icewater Bubble hash- infused pre-roll.

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Solventless Live Rosin: Using our Glorious flower, we make the purest and best tasting rosin from just one ingredient; water. No butane or harsh solvents here. After “washing” the flower in ice water, the hash is collected and manually pressed, producing beautiful, terpene-rich, and pure solventless rosin that is true to the source flower. Yes, this process is more challenging and takes longer, but higher standards equal better products.

Why live rosin? No solvents, labor intensive and crafted, the most natural expression of the terpenes and cannabinoids.

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Remember when weed was just weed? Produced by simply listening to what the plants need and creating a mild high, Simpler Daze by Glorious is where it's at. Find it in store and online at New Standard!

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