Superior Solventless

Superior Solventless is a collection of closed-end genetics bred in-house, selected in-house, and grown in a world-class cultivation facility located in Michigan’s automation valley.

Superior Solventless Strains

Candy Cake

Zkittlez x Wedding Cake: Candy and Cake, it’s just that simple. Frosty buttercream flavors are layered with strong Zkittlez terps. Relaxing high that can be dialed up at higher doses.

Mai Tai

Sherbert x Purple Punch: An uplifting sativa dominant hbyrid which is reminiscent of a pineapple and orange daiquiri. Suitable in the morning and throughout the day for anxiety-free fun.


TKP x ZOZ: Tight, dense nugs with purple hues. Sharp lime and black pepper smell reminiscent of tequila with a loud citrus scent when ground up. The smoke is ultra smooth and peppery, with some candy notes in the background.


Purple Pebbles x ZOZ (2): Sativa dominant fruit pebbles and skittlez, all in one place. An explosion of tongue-coating sweet flavor with a fun, daytime high.


Gelato 41 x Purple Pebbles: Purple-tinted, gelato style nugs. The nose is all gelato 41. This cultivar is a gelato smokers dream. Added creaminess from the purple pebbles leads to a very dessert-like taste. The taste is like an icy bowl of creamy, fruit flavored gelato.


Triangle Kush x Purple Pebbles. Tight, dense nugs with inner folds that pop with lime yellow colors. Dense trichome coverage and an offensively pungent gas smell. Once ground up, the fuel smell gets even more intense.

Purple Pebbles

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Rainbow Road

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Superior Solventless Pebbles, Dispensary with Superior Solventless & Superior Solventless Rosin Hazel Park, MI, Edmore, MI, Nunica, MI, Sand Lake, MI, Saugatuck, MI & Whitehall, MI

Superior Solventless Rosin in Muskegon, MI | Dispensary with Superior Solventless Grand Haven, MI | Superior Solventless Pebbles Nunica, MI

Superior Solventless PebblesDispensary with Superior SolventlessSuperior Solventless Rosin ∴ Grand Haven, MI ∴ Muskegon, MI ∴ Sand Lake, MI

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