Halloween 2022

Our favorite cast of characters from New Standard Summer are back with a whole new look for Spooky Season


Our Halloween Buds from Glorious, Select, Element, Lost Farm, Terra, and SuperSuper Turbo have been warped into an alternate reality and they need your help to escape the Reefer Plane; a supernatural alternative version of the world we currently live in. Throughout New Standard Halloween, you’ll have multiple changes to show why you don’t fear the reefer and bring our Halloween Buds back to our home dimension.

Venture deep into the Reefer Dimension at any New Standard by grabbing a Don’t Fear The Reefer Dimension Passport!

Bring our Halloween Buds back home by collecting stamps for visiting New Standard locations and making qualifying purchases from our Halloween Buds. Collect (8) stamps to bring our Buds back home and be rewarded with $50 in New Standard Store credit and a limited time sticker pack of all 6 of our Halloween Buds while supplies last through 11/6/2022.

Is the Reefer Dimension too Spooky for you? We got you. Buy any of our Halloween Bud stickers in-store for $2 each.

Looking to sample our Halloween Buds’ wares, but too scared to venture into the Reefer Dimension? We got you.

Purchase one of our exclusive limited time Halloween Bud Bundles dropping on 10/21 at all New Standard locations while supplies last.

Each bundle comes in an exclusive

Each bundle comes in an exclusive limited edition Don’t Fear The Reefer Stashbox and includes one of each of the following:

  • Lost Farms Citrus Spritz & Pineapple Gummies
  • Terra Milk & Cookies CBN bites
  • Element Secret Formula Live Resin Infused Pre-Roll
  • Glorious 24k Punch Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Roll
  • Select Distillate Vape Cart
  • SuperSuper Turbo Cream & Sugar Eighth

New Standard Park Place is THE scariest place to be this Halloween Weekend!

Join us and all our Halloween Buds on Saturday October 29th from 1PM to 4PM under the Doob Tube for exclusive deals, giveaways, live music, costume contests, and plenty of cider and donuts. This is a no consumption event, but there will be plenty of other spooky fun to be had.

– BOGO All Treetown & Sugarbush

– B2G1 All Viola

Glorious Cannabis Co
– B2G1 Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Rolls
– B2G1 Hash Rosin

– 4/$100 Vape Carts

-5/$100 0.5g Vape Carts

– 4/$40 Mix & Match Rise THC or CBD Tinctures and Rise Tablets

-Free 10mg Potdot With ANY Purchase

– 20% Off All Apothecare

Need a stamp for your Muskegon Cannabis Pre-Roll Trail Map?
We Got You.

Stop by New Standard Park Place and purchase ANY Pre-Roll for your Trail Stamp and get one step closer to earning your Muskegon Cannabis Pre-Roll Trail T-shirt.

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