Curated Cannabis Gifts For Mother’s Day 2021

Help mom unwind this Mother’s Day

If you know a mom, have a mom, are a mom, you probably know that the past year has been a little … challenging. To say the least.

Moms have been the real heroes during this pandemic, cooking, cleaning, schooling, working and basically doing it all without much of a break. At New Standard, we know that taking time for a break – and unwinding with cannabis – can be a transformative experience.

And while mom would appreciate a meal or some flowers, we bet she’d appreciate some edibles or a pack of pre-rolls too.


So, if you want to really give mom a chance to unwind and escape for a bit this Mother’s Day, you are in luck. New Standard’s Jen Rosco, a mom herself, has curated her favorite picks for moms. Buy what she says and you’ll be the favorite for sure this year.

Here’s what Rosco recommends to help with sleep, relaxation and other common medical issues mothers are facing today.

Rosco’s Mother’s Day Gift Recommendations

  1. Dixie gummies
  2. Element live resin cartridges
  3. Multipack pre-rolls (the smaller ones)
  4. Wana gummies (especially 1:1)
  5. Petra – Tart Cherry mints
  6. Lemonati – Taurus/or any super lemon haze
  7. Element Golden Goat cartridges
  8. Michigan Organic Rub 5:1
  9. Rise – THCa
  10. Grav dugouts or Pax

If you really want to make mom’s day, invite her out to New Standard for a shopping trip. That way mom – who maybe isn’t sure about trading in her chardonnay for cannabis – can talk to our knowledgeable budtenders, who can help her find the perfect product to chill.

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