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Dispensary in Edmore, MI

Come hang out.

Expect a smiling face and a welcoming greeting when you step inside our Edmore provisioning center. At New Standard, we are a team where every member contributes and every customer is important to us. While we’re located on one of the most traveled roads in Michigan, we’re one of the smallest NS shops, allowing you to get to know us, us to get to know you and a wonderfully personalized experience.

We got you.

Enjoy our vibe, from our music and friendly staff to our affordable and incredible selection of recreational and medicinal cannabis. We accommodate your specific needs, preferences and budget, putting our knowledge of our products at your disposal. Let’s talk about tasty edibles, easy-to-use vapes, economical pre-rolls, CBD options, topicals, tinctures, flower and so very much more.

Edmore’s Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis Destination

New Standard is situated right on the Hartland trail that runs from Alma to Greenville and offers 42 miles of extensive, popular and accessible biking, running, dog walking and gorgeous scenery. We share Edmore with unique small town shops, an ice cream shop and coffee shop and invite you to stop by, explore, discover, learn and have almost as much fun browsing as consuming our cannabis. We also offer in-store and curbside pickup.

New Standard now offers gift cards! Click here to order a gift card online, redeemable at all of our locations!

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