From gummies to cookies, to hard candy to chocolate bars – edible cannabis treats will tickle your sweet tooth and your senses.

Marijuana edibles are an awesome smoke-free way to enjoy cannabis that offers a totally different plant experience. They are discrete and versatile and are as well suited to self-care as exercise or socializing. So share a few gummies with your friends at an outdoor gig, have a mint after your dinner party, or make s’mores around the campfire and heighten the moment.

Just like varieties of marijuana flower, you can find sativa, indica, and hybrid edibles in our marijuana provisioning centers.

THC Edibles

One of the coolest things about edibles is how different the high is when compared to the effects of smoking cannabis. They produce a deep, longer-lasting high that you can feel throughout your entire body. Because they can take up to an hour to take effect as your body metabolizes them through digestion, patience is important. But once you’re familiar with the style and dose that suits you best, you’ll love exploring the subtle differences in the high you get with different varieties and formulations.

Start out with a modest dose. Even 5 mg of THC can have a big effect on you. If you are trying edibles for the first time, we recommend waiting at least an hour before increasing your dose.

CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are a great choice for anti-inflammatory pain relief and nausea without the side effects and additives often associated with pharmaceutical pain medication. CBD Edibles are made from cannabidiol which has powerful well-being benefits without the high associated with THC. CBD (cannabidiol) has been used to treat arthritis and other chronic pain for centuries.

Tinctures, dark chocolates, peanut butter caramels, chocolate covered pretzel bites, mints, amazing flavors of gummies, brownies, flavored teas and a delightful and delicious menu of edibles is right around the corner. Situated at E. Main Street in Edmore, New Standard is a cozy, personalized and comfortable experience. Out of eight dispensary locations, we are one of the smaller shops, and we like it that way.

Open seven days per week from 9 AM to 9 PM, we invite locals, visitors and all adults 21+ to explore our wonderful array of cannabis-infused edibles. We’re always happy to consult, share recommendations and guide you toward rewarding choices. Discover innovations from industry pioneers such as Wana, TreeTown, Kiva, Ripple, Rise, Mojo and more. New Standard curates Michigan’s best.

At New Standard, we get super excited about our edibles. Along with tasty flavors galore, they are smoke-free, portable and create no odors, ash, smoke or mess. Enjoy consumption without requiring extra equipment or practice. Proper labels enable accurate dosing. While the effects can take several hours to be fully appreciated, they tend to be especially intense and long-lasting. Be patient. Until you’re familiar with a strain, start low and go slow!

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