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Choose Exit 9 for selection, service and speed. Just a quarter mile west off the exit, on the northern side of the road, an exciting and rewarding experience is waiting for you. Explore two separate sales floors of our provisioning center and an incredible selection of carefully curated cannabis. Enjoy working with the same team member from start to finish, and we’ll make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Nunica’s Most Passionate Cannabis Lovers

Focused on knowledge, professionalism and expedience, we at New Standard never lose sight of the fun of shopping for cannabis. Check out local favorites, including Dixie Gummies and Lemonati Flower along with an extraordinary array of vapes/cartridges, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, CBD options, accessories and more. Explore in-store or online, take your time or save some time with curbside pickup.

Here for your medical or recreational enjoyment.

Pioneering an accepting, compassionate and modern Michigan-based cannabis lifestyle, New Standard caters to both medicinal and adult-use needs and offers the convenience of delivery. Whether you’re curious and new to cannabis, a seasoned enthusiast, familiar face or just visiting Nunica, we are always a favorite and worthwhile stop on your path to discovery, wellness and happiness.

We now offer gift cards! Click here to order a gift card online, redeemable at all of our locations!

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