Medical Cannabis

MMMP ID Card holders avoid the extra 10% excise tax that applies to recreational use products. Plus, we give you an extra 15% off our marijuana products! How cool is that?

Cannabis: A Modern Approach to Medicine

Along with avoiding harmful, long-term side-effects, medical cannabis patients enjoy more control and flexibility of choice and dosing of medicine. Understanding your options, determining the strains, potency and consumption method that best suits your individual needs and access to rigorously tested cannabis products is essential to rewarding treatment. Shopping at New Standard you’re always in good hands.

Nunica’s one-stop-shop for marijuana

Our Nunica (Exit 9) provisioning center offers exemplary patient care from start to finish. Explore the opportunities provided by two extensive sales floors. Enjoy the expedited process and convenience of in-store-pick up, curbside pickup and our professional delivery services. We’re here to assist, inform and simplify.

Personalized and guided medical marijuana shopping: We got you.

At our Exit 9 location, you work with the same team member from beginning to end. Especially if you’re new to cannabis, personalized attention and our depth of knowledge are invaluable. We’re happy to explain inhalation, sublingual, oral, topical and edible methods, introduce you to beneficial strains and terpenes and serve as your guides along your path to better health and wellness.

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