Medical Cannabis

MMMP ID Card holders avoid the extra 10% excise tax that applies to recreational use products. How cool is that?

Cannabis: An Effective & Natural Option

Along with antioxidative, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties, cannabis has shown effectiveness at treating symptoms such as muscle spasms, pain, seizures and the side-effects caused by disease treatment, including nausea, anxiety, depression and loss of appetite. Research has substantiated that cannabis may actually kill cancer cells and discourage the growth of tumors. As ongoing studies confirm further benefits, medical cannabis is gaining ground as the go-to treatment for a growing number of conditions.

Our medical marijuana location in Hazel Park

New Standard welcomes medicinal patients to our Hazel Park provisioning center. Our mission to create a vibrant, welcoming and supportive Michigan-based cannabis community is evidenced from the moment you step inside our doors. Along with a friendly greeting, our knowledgeable staff guides your journey toward improved health and wellness.

Dedicated to providing top-tier medical cannabis guidance, since day 1.

As our first and flagship location, Hazel Park offers in-store pick-up, curbside pick up and the convenience of delivery service. Take 10% off with your Medical Card and browse our shelves on-site or online. There’s so many options to explore, from the milky trichomes of mature flower and affordability of pre-rolls to easy edibles, vapes and cartridges. Check out our abundance of tinctures, topicals, concentrates and CBD options and don’t overlook our selection of merch and accessories!

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