Tinctures are potent, affordable, fast-acting liquid THC or CBD concentrates that come blended with a base liquid (usually plant oil or alcohol)

To enjoy a tincture, just administer a drop or on or under your tongue or add a few drops to food or your drink – you should feel the effects in about 30 minutes for a high that can last three hours or more.

Why choose tinctures?

Tinctures give you incredibly precise dosing, discretion, an alternative to smoking or vaping and the simply most cost-effective way to enjoy cannabis. For example, a $40 bottle of tincture containing 100 drops of tincture at 2-3 drops per dose means you pay a dollar a dose. Tinctures are also diet-friendly because they can be combined like a supplement to your existing meals. The average tincture made with 140 proof alcohol contains only about 7 Calories per ml.

A drop or two goes a long way.

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