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Hazel Park’s Recreational Cannabis Destination

Showcased in a local historical landmark, our Hazel Park provisioning center retains the charm of tradition. And yet, there’s nothing old-fashioned about New Standard. A stop at the corner of John R and Ten Mile and a step through our doors leads to a totally modern, renovated and exciting shopping experience. The details and aesthetics of our facility reflects our dynamic, inclusive and welcoming vibe.

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Beautiful artwork, photography and plant life create an ideal setting for exploration and discovery. Familiar locals, out-of-towners, those new to cannabis and enthusiasts find everything they’re looking for and more at New Standard. For questions, insight and recommendations, our team was voted “Most Knowledgeable Staff” and looks forward to providing guidance.

A guided experience through the widest selection of recreational marijuana you might ever see

From our personalized service to our painstakingly curated selection of brands, strains and consumption methods, we continue to set the bar higher. Check out our variety of concentrates and incredible potency of THC. Sample from a menu of delicious edibles. Inhale the rich terpenes of our flower or make it simple with our pre-rolls. For discretion, we’ve got tinctures, topicals, vapes and cartridges. Don’t overlook our merch and accessories. New Standard has something special for everyone!

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