Easy and discreet – we stock a comprehensive choice of quality cannabis cartridges, pens and vapes.

The vapor is naturally delicious but far gentler than smoke and you can tailor your strength and choose additional flavors if that is your thing. Every vape pen and marijuana cartridge we stock are made in Michigan and undergo rigorous testing for both potency and safety.

Vaping weed can be a discreet alternative to smoking a joint or packing a bowl.

It’s an easy, measured, and discreet way to enjoy cannabis anywhere, anytime. Instead of paper, flower, and a lighter, your vape pen or vaporizer heats cannabis oil contained in a cartridge to activate and release all of the good stuff with none of the tar and other compounds that are released when burning flower. The result is a smooth, smokeless cannabis experience that’s surprisingly powerful. In addition, since normal combustion burns off some of the terps and cannabinoids you actually want, vaping ensures you get more bang for your buck.

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To learn more about cartridge ingredients, formulations and flavors that we offer and to ensure you get the right potency for you, browse our online selection or stop in and speak to one of our budtenders.

Not only were we the first, New Standard is your one and only locally-owned recreational cannabis shop in Muskegon. Located near the corner of Park Street and Laketon Avenue, our exceptional showcase of cannabis draws in nearby friends and neighbors as well as travelers from across the country. Check out our weekly deals, sign up for the perks of our Loyalty Program and make sure to explore the unmatched opportunity of our cannabis vapes!

More than five dozen varieties of vapes are readily available at our Muskegon provisioning dispensary. New Standard carries premier quality refillable, rechargeable and disposable options to accommodate portability, discretion and your choice of effects. Browse sativas, indicas and hybrids for preferred THC potency and take confidence in Michigan-made products that have undergone strenuous testing for safety.

Our user-friendly pens, cartridges and assorted vapes represent innovative, exciting and popular brands. Jack Diesel Reserve, Grapefruit Haze, StarDawg, Sundae Driver, GMO Cookies and Ice Cream Cake are a sample of strains to get you started. Find everything you’re hoping for by visiting New Standard from 9 AM to 9 PM any day of the week. For extra convenience and quicker turnaround, consider online ordering and curbside pickup.

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