Easy and discreet – we stock a comprehensive choice of quality cannabis cartridges, pens and vapes.

The vapor is naturally delicious but far gentler than smoke and you can tailor your strength and choose additional flavors if that is your thing. Every vape pen and marijuana cartridge we stock are made in Michigan and undergo rigorous testing for both potency and safety.

Vaping weed can be a discreet alternative to smoking a joint or packing a bowl.

It’s an easy, measured, and discreet way to enjoy cannabis anywhere, anytime. Instead of paper, flower, and a lighter, your vape pen or vaporizer heats cannabis oil contained in a cartridge to activate and release all of the good stuff with none of the tar and other compounds that are released when burning flower. The result is a smooth, smokeless cannabis experience that’s surprisingly powerful. In addition, since normal combustion burns off some of the terps and cannabinoids you actually want, vaping ensures you get more bang for your buck.

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To learn more about cartridge ingredients, formulations and flavors that we offer and to ensure you get the right potency for you, browse our online selection or stop in and speak to one of our budtenders.

Whether you’re looking for variety or quality of vapes, New Standard is the key to satisfaction. Our Sand Lake recreational provisioning center carries an assortment of more than five dozen cannabis vaping options. All of our Michigan-made products are strenuously tested, ensuring safety, integrity, proper packaging and accurate labeling. You know exactly what you’re getting and can count on a satisfying and sublime experience.

If you’re new to cannabis or unfamiliar with vapes, don’t overlook this unique and rewarding opportunity. You get the enjoyment of the smoking process without odors, ash, mess or work. The device is streamlined to fit into a pocket, wonderfully easy to use and allows for customized dosing. Choose from refillable or disposable pens, vapes and carts. Appreciate the absence of combustion which preserves the desirable terpenes and cannabinoids for amazing potency and flavor.

Located at 29 E Lake Street, our doors are open Monday thru Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM. New Standard welcomes adults 21+ with valid identification and offers the chance to take your time and browse as well as the expedited completion of online ordering and in-store or curbside pickup. While our shop may appear small from the outside, one step inside will change your mind. There is nothing limited about our selection!

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