Easy and discreet – we stock a comprehensive choice of quality cannabis cartridges, pens and vapes.

The vapor is naturally delicious but far gentler than smoke and you can tailor your strength and choose additional flavors if that is your thing. Every vape pen and marijuana cartridge we stock are made in Michigan and undergo rigorous testing for both potency and safety.

Vaping weed can be a discreet alternative to smoking a joint or packing a bowl.

It’s an easy, measured, and discreet way to enjoy cannabis anywhere, anytime. Instead of paper, flower, and a lighter, your vape pen or vaporizer heats cannabis oil contained in a cartridge to activate and release all of the good stuff with none of the tar and other compounds that are released when burning flower. The result is a smooth, smokeless cannabis experience that’s surprisingly powerful. In addition, since normal combustion burns off some of the terps and cannabinoids you actually want, vaping ensures you get more bang for your buck.

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To learn more about cartridge ingredients, formulations and flavors that we offer and to ensure you get the right potency for you, browse our online selection or stop in and speak to one of our budtenders.

Always at the forefront of innovation, New Standard offers a wide and wonderful assortment of modern vapes, pens and cartridges. Rechargeable, disposable, refillable, whatever you’re looking for, our quality products are discreet, simple to operate and portable. There’s no odor, ash or smoke to worry about. Heating the cannabis oil just to the point of vaporization preserves the important cannabinoids and terpenes for extra flavor.

Petro Chem, Animal Mintz, Michigan Cherries, Grand Daddy Purple, Death Star, Sherb Breath and Chocolate Dipped Banana are a sample of strains on our shelves. Indicas, sativas and hybrids of varying THC potency cover effects from relaxing and energizing to uplifting mood or promoting sleep. Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff for recommendations. We love to help you find the perfect fit for a rewarding experience.

Stop by our Saugatuck provisioning center for all of your recreational cannabis favorites. Take the first left off Exit 41 at the light. New Standard is the big, white building open 9 AM to 9 PM Monday thru Sunday. Browse favorites and new discoveries among our vapes and don’t forget to check out our weekly discounts. Step inside or place an order online for in-store pickup, curbside pickup or free same-day delivery.

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