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Recreational Cannabis

Recreational cannabis is legal in Michigan for adults over the age of 21. We are the first Midwestern state to allow adult use, and here at New Standard, we couldn’t be happier. Be aware, our state has put into place its own set of laws to regulate consumption, possession, and sales. You can possess specific amounts but use is not allowed in public places (such as parks), federal properties (such as airports), or anyplace frequented by kids (such as schools and playgrounds).

Your Source for Recreational Marijuana

Whether you’re a local or just visiting Michigan, if you’re over 21 and have a valid government ID, New Standard welcomes you to explore the best of cannabis with us. Step through our doors and prepare to be impressed, maybe even in awe. We are unlike anywhere else. Dedicated to creating a friendly, modern, and inviting atmosphere, our vibe is both casual and exciting. You’re going to want to devote some time to browse our shelves.

We’ve searched the state to provide homegrown, premium flower. A rainbow of colors, glistening trichomes, and the outstanding terpenes of maturely cultivated bud showcase a long list of strains. Singles and packs of pre-rolls make consumption easy, affordable, and mess-free. Our menu of tasty edibles is sure to tempt, and our array of tinctures, topicals, concentrates, vapes and so much more, satisfy the high expectations of the furious, novice, and connoisseur.

Highest Quality Recreational Cannabis Products

Whether you’re looking for a specific strain, high THC, non-psychoactive CBD, accessories, apparel, information, or recommendations, we’ve got you covered. Make New Standard your recreational cannabis destination. With provisioning centers located throughout Michigan, we’re always close by and include free parking, online ordering, curbside pickup, and in most locations, delivery!

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