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Three provisioning centers on Michigan’s west side to be rebranded to New Standard

New Standard, announces three provisioning centers on Michigan’s west side to join the New Standard family. Park Place Provisionary, Edmore Provisionary and Exit 9 Provisionary will be re-branding in the coming weeks as New Standard locations continuing the company’s growth in Michigan and its commitment to setting a new standard for cannabis culture.

New Standard, co-founded by business leaders from across the state of Michigan, opened its first cannabis provisioning center in April of 2020 in Hazel Park.

“We are thrilled to be expanding our New Standard family,” said Howard Luckoff, New Standard CEO and co-founder of New Standard. “These three locations, founded by Greg Maki, have wonderful longstanding reputations and have paved the way for cannabis in the state of Michigan. The faces you see in these stores will remain the same, our co-founders and New Standard teams look forward to meeting the communities and sharing the New Standard experience with them. Maki and the current leadership team will be joining the New Standard family.

“We’ve been an integral part of the cannabis industry on Michigan’s west side since the beginning,” said Maki. “These stores will continue their success and now offer each community even more of the products they love along with this amazing New Standard setting. Our teams are excited and we can’t wait to bring our customers into the New Standard family.”

Joining New Standard existing location in Hazel Park, Michigan residents can expect to see the New Standard name in Edmore, Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, Muskegon, Nunica, Sand Lake, Saugatuck and Whitehall in the coming months all with the same commitment to culture and a cannabis experience like none other.

As always, feel free to ask a New Standard budtender at our provisioning centers about any of our cannabis products. We got you.

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